PAR 3
A. 310 FEET Straight out little left- partial view
B. 379 FEET Straight out- deeper left- front of Palo Verde- partial view
  view from pad
view of basket A
fairway view of Basket B
view of Basket 18 B
To parking lot-  restroom- water- West of basketball courts- in view
view of restroom and refrigerated drinking fountain 


  1. OK, so where is "19"? :)

    1. should there be park users occupying the soccer field, be considerate and not use

      hole 19 is an unofficial par 4 hole played by some in this way. It throws from the East end of the soccer field to the West, mandatory thru the soccer goals to the Practice basket located near the 1 tee pad, the tee box is identified by 2 large stones located East of the goal approximately where the grass of the playing field meets the desert, should a player fail to throw their disc thru the goal which includes the diagonal support, results in the player to " rewind " as in reversing direction back beyond the imaginary plane of the goal line, it is not required to rewind thru the goal in the Easterly direction, it is only mandatory in the Western direction, this also applies to the soccer goal at the West end of the field prior to advancing to the practice basket.

      play it how you will, that's just what has been heard

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