Friday, December 6, 2013

Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course Fund Raising and course improvements

Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course Fund Raising and course improvements status update:

Fund Raising: We purchased and sold 100 new 2013 bag tags; we have just a couple left.  In February we had custom stamped course improvement discs made and pre-sold as well as ordered extra for sale.  These were well received and we had to make a second order within several weeks.  We still have just a few remaining and want to see if you all generally want us to order more – will you buy them?  Let us know molds you need for your bag.  We also had many people make general donations -these were generously received all year. 

Course Improvements: 9 new concrete tee boxes which were installed in February on the new nine holes (alpha holes).  We designed and had printed an update of all signs, including 2 new maps.  These were just installed this week (November).  The new signs include all new pin positions and distances along with vegetation, paths, and rock pits.  Play the rock pits as OB if you would like; we typically do.  We have enough funds remaining to purchase a new basket for the broken one on 15 or 16.

Funding status part 2:  we raised enough funds this year to purchase a new basket. Our plan is to raffle off the oldest basket on the course now that it has been replaced. Funds from basket 1 raffle will go to purchase basket two. We will then raffle oldest basket #2. And so forth until we no longer want to play that game. If someone wins the raffle and does not want to take the basket we will gladly accept the donation and will use it as a second choice on a hole with a long placement or difficult position (2 baskets on the hole). 

Raffle ticket sales begin now. They will be sold at $5 for one and $20 for 5.  First drawing to be held in less than a month. Get yours soon.


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