Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweetwater DGC

   There is a NEW 9 hole disc golf course a 25 Ave. and Sweetwater, currently there are no signs and all  pads are natural pads painted with a white outline on the ground and or marked with orange flags and or marked with wood stakes painted orange, there are pro. pads and am. pads marked at several locations and did notice alternate basket placements at several holes, the first tee pad is located beyond the playground equipment a little uphill from the 9 basket, my be a little difficult to find at first but if you find the 9 basket you will find the 1 tee pad painted on the grass under a tree, at the baskets there are painted arrows on the ground that help you to the next pad, there is a couple of boxes a little harder to find however the first time thru for our group we were able to find all the pads, just use common sense and there should be no issues finding the pads,  it does circle around a huge retention and a couple of the holes do fly across, at the time of this post it was mowed down but it's clear that this will not always be the case, our group enjoyed the course, a few long holes that are fun and will play again.

   Thanks to all for their efforts with the City and other governing bodies to get another Disc Golf Course installed in the City Of Phoenix.


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