Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ode to saguaro.‏

Ode to saguaro.

You once ruled the hill. Today you are no more. Such a tragic 
end to an awesome icon of buffalo ridge park. 
This past week we lost the big saguaro on 12. Been falling for 
years and I've hit it more than I would care to admit.  It really shouldn't
 come into play though on that hole. Tuesday night we had some more wind 
and with the recent rain it was too much for it. 
I wonder now the sound it made. Were bunnies and coyotes in the area?
 Did it awaken the neighbors?  It sure came close to Steve's bench. 
As I stood and stared at you, hoping you would not come into my line,
 I often wondered how long you would be there. 
Would this be the throw to end it all and bring it crumbling to an end? 
 I always doubted it but one never knows the effects we cause to everything. 
Through the years it really was clear the fate to come. 
 You pointed toward the sky one day in the past perhaps, 
but these days you drooped more than stood at attention. 
Falling over was inevitable; the only question was when. 
We joked at times about starting a collection pool for the closest guess
 to when it would be. Winner take all or perhaps 50 / 50 with course funds? 
Never stuck thus this day comes to apparent surprise. 
To the icon: thanks for hanging on so long. To the now or soon to be
 homeless creatures who have inhabited the being: good luck finding new homes. 
To the golfers: basket is now open and go bang some chains! 
See you on the course. 


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