Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ode to saguaro.‏

Ode to saguaro.

You once ruled the hill. Today you are no more. Such a tragic 
end to an awesome icon of buffalo ridge park. 
This past week we lost the big saguaro on 12. Been falling for 
years and I've hit it more than I would care to admit.  It really shouldn't
 come into play though on that hole. Tuesday night we had some more wind 
and with the recent rain it was too much for it. 
I wonder now the sound it made. Were bunnies and coyotes in the area?
 Did it awaken the neighbors?  It sure came close to Steve's bench. 
As I stood and stared at you, hoping you would not come into my line,
 I often wondered how long you would be there. 
Would this be the throw to end it all and bring it crumbling to an end? 
 I always doubted it but one never knows the effects we cause to everything. 
Through the years it really was clear the fate to come. 
 You pointed toward the sky one day in the past perhaps, 
but these days you drooped more than stood at attention. 
Falling over was inevitable; the only question was when. 
We joked at times about starting a collection pool for the closest guess
 to when it would be. Winner take all or perhaps 50 / 50 with course funds? 
Never stuck thus this day comes to apparent surprise. 
To the icon: thanks for hanging on so long. To the now or soon to be
 homeless creatures who have inhabited the being: good luck finding new homes. 
To the golfers: basket is now open and go bang some chains! 
See you on the course. 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweetwater DGC

   There is a NEW 9 hole disc golf course a 25 Ave. and Sweetwater, currently there are no signs and all  pads are natural pads painted with a white outline on the ground and or marked with orange flags and or marked with wood stakes painted orange, there are pro. pads and am. pads marked at several locations and did notice alternate basket placements at several holes, the first tee pad is located beyond the playground equipment a little uphill from the 9 basket, my be a little difficult to find at first but if you find the 9 basket you will find the 1 tee pad painted on the grass under a tree, at the baskets there are painted arrows on the ground that help you to the next pad, there is a couple of boxes a little harder to find however the first time thru for our group we were able to find all the pads, just use common sense and there should be no issues finding the pads,  it does circle around a huge retention and a couple of the holes do fly across, at the time of this post it was mowed down but it's clear that this will not always be the case, our group enjoyed the course, a few long holes that are fun and will play again.

   Thanks to all for their efforts with the City and other governing bodies to get another Disc Golf Course installed in the City Of Phoenix.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy new year!!

Raffle update: thank you to all raffle ticket purchasers. We have raised funds for one new basket. First basket has been raffled off and our winner is ...... Tim Flynn. Congrats. Tim has generously donated the basket to our course and we will be using it as a second basket on #14. Currently he has placed the basket in the 15 D position, it also can be played as 16 C, Thank you Tim. New basket is on order and once it arrives, we will switch it out. Tickets for basket raffle #2 are on sale now.  Get yours today.

See you on the course.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cactus Series Finale

The Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course baskets have been installed as per request by the TD for the Cactus Series Year End Finale and available for your practice rounds, to register for this event go to:

Baskets that will move prior to the event for the first round will be:
  Hole D, to A position
  Hole E, to B position
  Hole  I, to B position
  Hole 8, to A position
  Hole 15, to A position

Friday, December 6, 2013

Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course Fund Raising and course improvements

Buffalo Ridge Disc Golf Course Fund Raising and course improvements status update:

Fund Raising: We purchased and sold 100 new 2013 bag tags; we have just a couple left.  In February we had custom stamped course improvement discs made and pre-sold as well as ordered extra for sale.  These were well received and we had to make a second order within several weeks.  We still have just a few remaining and want to see if you all generally want us to order more – will you buy them?  Let us know molds you need for your bag.  We also had many people make general donations -these were generously received all year. 

Course Improvements: 9 new concrete tee boxes which were installed in February on the new nine holes (alpha holes).  We designed and had printed an update of all signs, including 2 new maps.  These were just installed this week (November).  The new signs include all new pin positions and distances along with vegetation, paths, and rock pits.  Play the rock pits as OB if you would like; we typically do.  We have enough funds remaining to purchase a new basket for the broken one on 15 or 16.

Funding status part 2:  we raised enough funds this year to purchase a new basket. Our plan is to raffle off the oldest basket on the course now that it has been replaced. Funds from basket 1 raffle will go to purchase basket two. We will then raffle oldest basket #2. And so forth until we no longer want to play that game. If someone wins the raffle and does not want to take the basket we will gladly accept the donation and will use it as a second choice on a hole with a long placement or difficult position (2 baskets on the hole). 

Raffle ticket sales begin now. They will be sold at $5 for one and $20 for 5.  First drawing to be held in less than a month. Get yours soon.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White Buffalo Classic Disc Golf Tournament

Come out this Saturday, Nov. 23rd for the White Buffalo Classic Disc Golf Tournament. A great chance to get a practice round in for the City Championships and Cactus Finale. All divisions $30; players pack disc and 100% payouts. More info at and on

Monday, November 18, 2013

The course layout is installed for the The City Championships and ready for your practice rounds, good luck to all

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept. 9 rains

A few water hazards were in play Monday
Hole "D"
Hole  "C"
more of "C"
ditch left of Hole "G" Basket
right side of Hole "D" Pad

Monday, August 12, 2013

Couple more placements added

additional placement for "D"
par 3- 224 feet
visible from Pad
See map for overhead view

additional placement for "C'
Par 3- 282 feet
visible from pad
See map for overhead view

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Additional sleeves added to a few holes

there have been a few new sleeves added to the course as of July 22,
  • Hole 2, longer, beyond B placement, visible from pad, 
    • C placement 425 feet
  • Hole B, longer, beyond existing placement, blind shot from Pad,
    • 575 feet
  • Hole C, shorter, left of existing placement, visible from Pad,
    • 282 feet
  • Hole 14, TWO have been added, longer, visible from Pad, 
    •  D placement, 338 feet
    •  E placement, 378 feet
  • Hole 15, on top of the mound, visible from Pad, 
    • C placement, 335 feet

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Time Hole "B"

Congratulation to Tim Flynn on his ACE at Hole B, is this the first for this Basket?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Granite Mountain Hot Shots
God Bless

Monday, April 30, 2012

Use your Mobil or other electronic device to see your course, COMING SOON, QR codes on pad signs to "view the hole" while on the pad
(click on to enlarge)